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MedSpa Services Enhancing your smile for that extra glow

Our MedSpa services achieve amazing results by embracing technology and integrating it with time-honored techniques like massage and facials. You’ll see a real difference in the way you look and feel confident putting your most alluring face forward. Our MedSpa services include:

HydraFacial MD

Skin care for life is more than simply improving your appearance, but restoring youthful, healthy skin. The HydraFacial treatment merges soothing and invigorating spa therapies with advanced medical technology to achieve instant, lasting results. It works on all skin types, has no downtime, and provides an alternative to other more invasive procedures. The process involves cleansing and exfoliation, light glycolic acid peel, extractions, and hydration, all based on your needs. Our esthetician will customize your treatment to target sun damage, wrinkles, oily skin, redness, or blemishes.


Do you suffer from pain related to TMJ disorder, teeth grinding, or teeth clenching? How about migraines? Do you want to smooth away wrinkles that have developed over the years? If so, you may be a candidate for Botox. Dr. Perez is a lead international instructor in dental therapeutic Botox and specializes in helping to lessen facial pain and debilitating muscle soreness in the head and neck area. Botox injections in the masseter muscles can even help prevent abnormal wear and fracturing of your teeth.

Botox injections are best known for their wrinkle-erasing effects, and rightfully so—Botox work wonders on wrinkles. However, Botox is just as amazing as a therapeutic tool and ensures the success of many of the dental services we offer, including dental implant surgery and TMJ therapy. In the past, many people used nightguards to treat TMJ disorder and teeth grinding and clenching. Now, therapeutic Botox injections deliver specific treatment to the source of the problem, so a nightguard is no longer necessary.

Dermal Fillers

Dr. Ricardo M Perez, DDS has been designing perfect smiles with veneers, crowns, and sophisticated materials that mimic natural enamel for the past 20 years, which means we have a high level of sophistication in facial aesthetics, including the structures that surround a smile—the perioral muscles and lips. When designing a smile, we realize we cannot ignore these structures framing our work of art, i.e. your teeth. Eliminating deep wrinkles and plumping up lips with dermal fillers adds to the overall smile design. Ignoring the rest of the face will limit the final, overall aesthetic result.

Dentists give more intra-oral injections—and are trained in the oral and maxillofacial areas (chin to forehead)—more than any other health professional that is permitted to deliver dermal fillers. You can trust any dermal fillers you receive at the practice of Dr. Ricardo M Perez, DDS will be at once natural and impactful.

Smile Makeover

A smile makeover can mean anything from several veneers on the top teeth to create a dazzling, white, beautiful smile to a complete full-mouth reconstruction that replaces missing teeth and restores function along with a gorgeous smile. Each smile makeover is unique, treating individual conditions and achieving personal goals. There is no simple product or quick fix that produces what we would call a smile makeover. For more information, click here.

Patient Review

I just transferred to a new Dentist. Dr. Perez and staff are so warm and welcoming. You feel like you are in your own home getting the treatments done.  I’ve only been in twice, and still have work to be done. Dr Perez made sure to provide me with several treatment plan options. I appreciated the options and alternatives so I can make the best decision what I need to do. I feel like he cares. He is very talented and he and his team provide superb customer service! I also love the fact I can also schedule a Spa treatment at his office. It makes total sense. Why go anywhere else.

Thank you Dr. Perez and team. I’m so happy I made the decision to find a new dentist. I’m very happy!

— Yelp Review

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