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Same Day Crowns Revolutionizing Dental Crowns for Modern Lifestyles

Most dental patients are familiar with crowns (also referred to as caps) simply because crowns are ubiquitous in the dental field. Indeed, they can be used to treat teeth that are badly decayed, poorly shaped, broken, chipped, have had large fillings, or to cover spaces in between teeth. But in the last several years, the processes and materials available for creating dental crowns have improved drastically and dramatically. Yet, some dentists continue to use their same old methods to the detriment of their patients. Ricardo M Perez, DDS in Pleasant Hill offers the latest in dental crown technology, including same-day crowns.

Pleasant Hill top quality same day crowns

Modern Same-Day Crowns

A dental crown is a covering that encases the entire tooth surface, restoring it to its original shape and size. Crowns also strengthen and repair the tooth’s structure, even improving the appearance of color, shape, and alignment when done correctly. If you need a dental crown, you may be debating same-day crowns versus traditional crowns. But truly, there’s no need to wait up to a month for your dental crown. Thanks to modern technology, same-day crowns are just as durable, effective, and natural-looking as traditional crowns, if not more so.

Unfortunately, most dentists do not have the ability to create same-day crowns. It is a high-tech process that requires up-to-date expertise and the right equipment, including 3D cameras, modeling software, and specialized ceramic mills. According to USA Today, only around 10% of dental offices have the technology to offer same-day crowns. Ricardo M Perez, DDS is among that 10%.

The CEREC Process for Tooth Restorations

Chairside Economical Restorations of Esthetic Ceramic—or CEREC for short—is a state-of-the-art method of reconstructing tooth restorations. Truly revolutionary, CEREC uses computer-assisted design (CAD) and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) to offer single-day ceramic restorations, so there is no longer a wait between preparing a dental crown and finally receiving the finished product. With CEREC, the process is completed while you are in the dental chair, which is economical for you and for us. Other notable benefits of using CEREC include:

  • Less painful injections due to a single visit
  • No need to take messy impressions for dental crowns
  • No need to have a temporary restoration for in-between visits
  • Ability to save as much natural tooth structure as possible
  • Longer lasting dental crowns
  • Restores teeth to natural beauty, function, and strength
  • Metal-free restorations

Ricardo M Perez, DDS has all the tools necessary to use CEREC for dental crowns, including digital impression and 3D printing systems. We are proud to invest in the latest dental technology for the benefit of our patients.

Patient Review

Just an addition to a previous review regarding Ricardo Perez, DDS.  I had a crown put on today, and with new technology, he can have you in and out in just one day!  Actually it only took 2 hours today.  He has the newest technology, as always, and can prepare for, and make the crown in the office.. No more coming back to have the crown seated after being sent out to a lab elsewhere. It’s all done right there in the office, and couldn’t be easier!  Next time you need a crown, check out Dr. Perez!

— Yelp Review

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