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Sedation Dentistry

Did you know that 50% of all people in the United States never go to a dentist? The reason they stay away is not because of a lack of dental insurance or money, but fear. This fear cuts across every demographic of people, regardless of age, education, or cultural background.

In dentistry, we know that all people want healthy beautiful teeth. There are obstacles that prevent people from getting the care they need to achieve that. The most common obstacles

  1. Fear
  2. Finances
  3. “Busy Lives” that make scheduling difficult

There are ways to overcome these obstacles. “Conscious Sedation” is one of the most effective things we use to treat people who have had a bad dental experience in their life, or who suffer from a severe gag reflex that makes normal dental work miserable or impossible, or for the patient who may need a very long appointment.

Dr. Perez has received special training to license him to administer conscious sedation. This is medication that is in pill form that is placed under your tongue. There is no I.V. or needles used to give the drug. You simply come in, get settled in to a comfortable chair, and wear a cuff that looks like a blood pressure cuff. That is attached to a computer monitor that continuously measures your heart rate, blood pressure and respiration. We give you a blanket if you want it and even a pair of slippers. Within an hour, you are in a really dreamy state that allows us to work while you are completely relaxed.

You need a driver to take you home from your appointment. And while you will be aware of having been here, you will have had no discomfort or unpleasant memories of the appointment.

Dr. Perez only administers sedation to adults, as children needing this option need to be seen by a dentist who specializes in children.

Call us today to see if Conscious Sedation is the answer to your “dental phobia.”