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Ricardo M. Perez, D.D.S.

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We are very proud to introduce our latest and greatest piece of state of the art technology..the CEREC!  Dr. Perez now fabricates  ceramic dental restorations, crowns, inlays, onlays and veneers using Cerec® CAD/CAM technology in one appointment!  The traditional way of making a crown for your tooth is now a thing of the past. Dr. Perez goes through the same process of reshaping and preparing your tooth but all the messy impressions and using an out side lab is no longer necessary. With our CAD/CAM scanner we take a digital impression of your tooth and then Dr. Perez designs and customizes your crown on a computer. The image is then sent to our very own milling unit which uses a special block of porcelain to fabricate your crown in the office while you wait. There are no more temporary crowns or a return visit. Dr. Perez will adjust your crown as needed and after a final glazing to make it look even more realistic he will cement it for you.