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Botox® for Treating TMJ Disorder, Teeth Grinding, Teeth Clenching, and Migraines


Do you suffer from pain related to TMJ disorder, teeth grinding or clenching? How about Migraines? Do you want to smooth away wrinkles that have developed over the years? If so, you may be a candidate for Botox®. Dr. Perez. is a lead international instructor in dental therapeutic Botox and specializes in helping to lessen facial pain and debilitating muscle soreness in the head and neck area. Botox injections in the masseter muscles can even help prevent abnormal wear and fracturing of your teeth.

Though Botox® injections are best known for their wrinkle erasing effects, Botox® Dental Therapeutic can relieve painful conditions triggered by the muscles of the jaw. As a therapeutic tool, Botox® is an integral part of dental implant surgery, TMD therapy, and ensures the success of many of our dental services we offer.

TMJ disorder, teeth grinding(bruxism), and teeth clenching can all cause extreme pain and headaches. Fortunately, all of these problems can be treated effectively and affordably with Botox® , which helps relax the muscles around the mouth and jaw. In the past, many people used night guards to treat these problems. Now, therapeutic Botox® injections deliver specific treatment to the source of the problem so a night guard is no longer needed. Ask our staff how these treatments can benefit your dental and overall health.